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Planet Nice Guy - men's support group to make safe friends

Uniting nice guys who want to become successful and confident men - No More Mr. Nice Guy (Glover)

Join us. You are not alone.

As Nice Guys, we’re not strangers to living with anxiety. And now we are experiencing anxiety on an existential level. Planetwide. 

This is our Call to Adventure.

Every hero’s journey begins with the Call to Adventure immediately followed by the Refusal of the Call.

You’ll either give up on your journey altogether. Or you’ll grow into your next stage of development and reach success. 

Remember when Luke Skywalker felt guilty about leaving his aunt and uncle to go to Alderaan? That refusal didn’t last very long once tragedy struck, did it?

How long will you keep refusing the call?

I'm Jason Miller. I’ve spent the last 6 years of my life leading nice guys on their hero’s journey to become integrated men. When I discovered No More Mr. Nice Guy by Dr. Robert Glover almost 10 years ago, I finally had the owner's manual to my life. I dedicated my life to serving Nice Guys like me as a personal development coach. This network is part of my life's work. If you want to make safe friends and get support, then this group is for you.

I bring nice guys together so that we can 

  • Make friends so we know we're not alone
  • Learn to create better relationships
  • Share ideas and encourage each other
  • Help each other find meaning in our lives

Join us and you’ll learn to:

  • Generate certainty in an uncertain world

  • Develop inner confidence

  • Create meaningful relationships

  • Live according to our values with integrity

  • Have a positive impact on the world

In every crisis there is opportunity. You can either stay stuck or give this a try. In my mind, staying stuck is not an option. There’s too much at stake. Your life. And so many others.

Let’s meet this moment!

Maybe you...

  • Seek approval from people
  • Try to be a “people-pleaser”
  • Want to “fix people”
  • Avoid conflict
  • Try to get things “perfect”
  • Struggle in relationships

And all that gets in the way of having a great career or having the relationships you want.

If you relate to this profile at all and how it affects your life, it’s important to connect with other guys like you to know you're not alone and to help you feel good about yourself. 

Planet Nice Guy is our own private online network where you’ll get…

  • Answers to your questions - You can ask me anything about Nice Guy Syndrome and personal development. If I can't answer your question, I'll do my best to point you in the right direction.
  • Access to my online courses like the Personal Power Funnel which is my tool to help you get unstuck. 
  • To ask me and your peers questions about how to overcome obstacles in your life and reach success!
  • A safe online support community - Make friends with other Nice Guys just like you for support. Meet live during virtual happy hours.
  • To escape the ads, distractions and privacy issues associated with "other" social media networks.

Click the [Request to Join] button to get started!

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Notifications shouldn't be annoying. They should be empowering and connecting.

Let's keep the conversations going!

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A word from one of our members

"I just want to say to anyone who is thinking of signing up to the inner group, don't think about it, just sign up!

I have been a member for a couple of months now and it has changed my life. I've read the book, I've chatted on the forums, but I was still making the same nice guy mistakes that I always have been. Jason is amazing. It's like he can read my mind. He knows the mistakes I am going to make before I even mention them, and brings me right back to reality.

When I first joined the group I was in a disastrous relationship, chasing an unavailable woman. I thought she was my last hope, and did everything I could to try to fix her. It was hopeless. I have slowly brought my life back and am now in the situation where I have two dates lined up. I am still anxious about them, but I got a real strength behind me - Jason and the brothers in the group. It is a real reassurance, and something I have never had before.

I am just genuinely grateful to this group for bringing me up to where I am today. I totally recommend signing up."

-- S. W.

About Jason

I'm a Certified "No More Mr. Nice Guy" Coach focusing on personal development, leadership and relationships based in San Diego, CA USA. I'm passionate about helping men master their emotions so they can get out of their comfort zones and take important action in their lives to take the lead and get more fulfillment out of life. I’ve been coaching men since and I’m building this network to help you get the support you need to become the Successful Man you aspire to be.

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